Desktop to Mobile Migration: Tips for Creating a Mobile Website Design

While almost every business will have a desktop website, the proliferation of mobile usage makes the creation of a mobile site very worthwhile for many companies. The desktop site is still an important tool, though, so the key is to manage a smooth desktop to mobile migration so that you get the best of both. We’ve put together an infographic with smart tips on how to create a mobile site or a responsive site, among other migration options, so that the transition from desktop to mobile will be seamless and your business will have a sleek and practical mobile website design.

Read our infographic on how to create a mobile website as part of desktop migration.

The Internet of Things (IoT) & Mobile App Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is having an increasingly discernible impact on the development of mobile apps, as evidenced by the emergence of apps with which you can control your home’s heating and lighting. Over the coming years, IoT is likely to have an even greater impact on app development and wield increased influence on how mobile apps are created. The infographic below looks at some of the ways in which IoT is influencing mobile app development.

Read our infographic about the impact of IoT on mobile app development.

Cloud Services Comparison: Who is the best cloud service provider?

You might have decided that cloud storage is an excellent facility, but you’re not so sure which provider is the pick of the bunch. Some might be very easy to use while others score highly for free storage or enjoy compatibility across a greater number of devices. We’ve analysed six of the best cloud storage providers to pinpoint the lead selling points of each, producing an unbiased comparison that will enable you to easily determine which option is ideal for you.

Read our cloud services comparison infographic below.

The Benefits of Custom Software Development Solutions for Businesses

If you’re running a business, which of these options would you prefer: a generic software solution that can’t be scaled to suit your company, or a tailored solution that can be updated and amended whenever the need arises so that you’re getting the best solution for you? With 1 out of every 8 businesses spending more than half their software budget on custom software development, the latter option certainly carries a high demand, and with good reason. This infographic outlines why custom software solutions should be priority for any business.

Read our infographic below on the benefits of custom software development.

How to Make An App: What to Know Before Creating an App

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets in today’s world makes the creation of an app a potential goldmine, but with so many apps flooding the market, it takes a lot of strategic planning and clever implementation to make a successful app. Otherwise, the time, money and effort invested in that idea will most likely be squandered. The infographic below contains a series of mobile app development tips that are worth knowing and executing when discovering how to create an app

Read our infographic below for tips on how to make an app.

The Most Inspiring Entrepreneur Accounts on Instagram

Every entrepreneur needs inspiration and motivation, whatever the source, and photo sharing platform Instagram is a haven of motivational quotes and images for fledgling entrepreneurs. From the world-famous owner of the Virgin brand to a former reality TV star, here’s a collection of inspiring Instagram accounts from some of the world’s top business personalities to get you motivated along your entrepreneurial quest.

Check out some of these inspiring entrepreneurial Instagram accounts in the infographic below.

2017’s Most Secure Encrypted Messaging Apps

No messaging app is 100% foolproof, but some certainly lead the way when it comes to end-to-end encryption. Business owners with privacy concerns will obviously seek to use only those messaging apps which score highly for encryption, so they’ll steer clear of WhatsApp and other ubiquitous platforms in favour of more secure alternatives. Our infographic profiles the most secure messaging apps, outlining why each of them has such a reputation.

Read the infographic below to find out about the most secure messaging apps.