Rapid Application Development
    Today more than ever, companies rely on a multitude of applications to
    streamline operations, manage customer engagement and get their
    business done. Multiple applications also means that departments and
    teams tend to work in isolation with little or no connectivity, operating to
    inefficient business processes, resulting in poor decision making for the business.

    The Team Konnect Rapid Application Development Platform has been
    designed to bridge the gap between your business process needs and your
    application development requirements. This is achieved by providing you
    with a highly customisable no-code environment, empowering you to build
    out a suite of connected business applications that collectively fashion the
    ideal solution for your business, all at incredible speed.

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  • Task

    Task Management Task Management
    Task Management

    Task Management

    Our Team Konnect platform comes with an open connected Task Management module allowing information to flow freely among everyone within the organization. The module can help either individuals achieve goals, or groups of individuals collaborate and share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals.

    Ultimately, our task management module is focused on efficient time management allowing users and groups to identify, monitor and progress the most important tasks that needs to be done throughout their day.

  • Job Schedule

    Job Schedule Management Job Schedule Management
    Job Schedule Management


    The Team Konnect Job Scheduling Module has been designed to operate as an interactive application between managers and their teams of resources. Using the Gantt scheduler view, jobs can easily be scheduled, rescheduled, canceled and resources assigned showing real-time job progress that optimises your resources all from a single screen. The solution offers complete transparency of job planning and execution along with improved productivity and observation of efficiency.

    A mobile application is also available on iOS and Android enabling bidirectional real-time updates on the jobs that have been assigned to your various resources.

  • Checklist

    Checklist Management Checklist Management
    Checklist Management


    With our Team Konnect Checklist Module, it takes just a few minutes to turn your paper forms into intelligent, interactive mobile forms that work with your mobile devices. Our flexible form builder can be used to build digital forms tailored to fit your specific data collection needs without any technical experience required. You can build inspection, audits, checklists, timesheets or any other custom form and dispatch to your resources in the field.

    Pre-set each form to captures digital signatures form customers and engineers to validate that the relevant work has been completed. Also, capture Photos or Drawings with Date/Time and GPS location stamping in remote locations even without an Internet connection.

  • Compliance

    Compliance Management Compliance Management
    Compliance Management


    The Team Konnect platform comes with a highly customisable Compliance Management Module that allows organisations and their managers to plan, organise, control, and lead activities that ensure compliance with the laws and standards within which they operate. It removes the compliance burden and improve product quality by automating critical quality processes like document, training, quality event, supplier and audit management in a single end-to-end solution. The objective is to automate the entire audit process, from planning and scheduling through execution and managing associated findings, and simplify audit reporting processes.

    Team Konnect enables digital process excellence to connect, streamline and accelerate the tasks and workflows that drive total quality

  • Incident

    Incident Management Incident Management
    Incident Management


    Team Konnect includes a comprehensive Incident Management Module that operates to ITIL industry standards where the main objective is the restoration of services as quickly as possible after an incident has been reported. Features available include, detecting and recording incident details, matching incidents against known problems, prioritizing incidents in terms of impact and urgency, and escalating incidents to other teams to ensure timely resolution.

    This incident management module also integrates with the business mail system to auto identify clients requests and TAG emails against new and existing cases.

  • Contract

    Contract Management Contract Management
    Contract Management


    The Team Konnect Contract Management Module enables organisations to proactively manage the wide range of contracts created with customers, vendors, partners, or employees annually. The platform has been designed to identify agreements that can often expire unnoticed, leaving vital infrastructure and services at risk or even flag automatic renewals that your business may be inadvertently paying. The end result is the protection of the business from significant risk and proper expenditure control.

    Team Konnect ensures that you are notified of all upcoming renewals enabling advanced planning with periodically checks for any potential red flags events.

  • Asset

    Asset Management Asset Management
    Asset Management


    The Team Konnect Asset management module is a centralised system that allows your organization to track important details about each asset they manage in real time. This decreases administrative costs, improves service delivery and gives your organisation greater visibility into asset utilisation, costs and maintenance. The module also makes it easier to see where all your assets live within your organisation, check maintenance records and more. Critical documents or photos can be uploaded as required and compliance dates set for assets that need to be certified at regular intervals.

    Organisations can also configure the module for assets that may be managed on behalf of their customers. Capture asset details, technical specifications, locations next service date and provide customer access to see the most up to date service records.

  • Sales Pipeline

    Sales Pipeline Management Sales Pipeline Management
    Sales Pipeline Management


    The Team Konnect Sales Pipeline Module provides organisations with the perfect method to define their sales pipeline process from first contact with a prospect, through to closing the sale and every step in between. Each call or conversation can be recorded ensuring that tacit knowledge is never lost in relation to any sales opportunity. An effective sales pipeline solution provides the business with instant visibility across all divisions enabling you to maintain a sound strategy and good management which are the key ingredients to sales success

    The sales pipeline module also integrates with our Business, Quotations and Products modules allowing for end to end management of each customer engagement.

  • Purchase Order

    Purchase Order Management Purchase Order Management
    Purchase Order Management


    Our Team Konnect Purchase Order Module enables organisations to seamlessly control the purchasing of products and services from external suppliers. Once integrated with our Product Management Module, purchase orders can be quickly created by selecting the relevant products/services required and a customised purchase order PDF document emailed to your suppliers automatically.

    Further integrations are also available to allow organisations to manage purchased goods arrivals where deliveries can be checked in by warehouse staff, scanned and added into warehouse stock with minimal effort providing full traceability of all goods inwards.

  • Sales Order

    Sales Order Management Sales Order Management
    Sales Order Management


    Our Team Konnect Sales Order Module helps organisations to efficiently track and fulfil all customer orders creating a positive customer experience. The order management process starts from when a customer places an order, and is tracked through picking, packing dispatch to proof of delivery. All departments involved are kept up to date throughout the lifecycle of the order ensuring order accuracy and customer service levels.

    Our Sales Order module also integrates with our Dispatch and Delivery modules to complete the sales order lifecycle. Goods can be scanned from their warehouse locations and packed ready for dispatch to the customers. Customer signatures ca be captured at source and proof of delivery generated and emailed to the customers immediately in real time.

  • Stock Control

    Stock Control Management Stock Control Management
    Stock Control Management


    The Team Konnect Stock Management Module has been designed to simplify the management of stock within organisations of all types and size. The module integrates tightly with both Sales and Purchase order modules to give the organisation a comprehensive view of the company's stock position. Minimum order levels, reorder lead times, batch control and first in-first out features are all catered for.

    The stock management module also integrates with our Warehouse Management Module allowing location tracking and storage charging of services for selected customers.

  • Warehouse

    Warehouse Management Warehouse Management
    Warehouse Management


    The Team Konnect Warehouse Management module(WMS) helps organisations optimally manage stock control, across multiple locations, multiple warehouses, multiple branches, isles, positions and down to bin locations. The module is also designed to guide users on inventory receiving and storage, optimise picking and shipping of orders and can advise on inventory replenishment. This is all aimed at reducing the likelihood of errors that could occur when a product is shipped. The system will also help a company fulfil orders more rapidly and instantaneously trace ordered products within the warehouse.

    In the end, the overall goal of the Team Konnect (WMS) is to achieve a paperless environment that directs your employees automatically on the optimal picking, storage and shipping of your products.

  • Pick & Dispatch

    Pick & Dispatch Management Pick & Dispatch Management
    Pick & Dispatch Management


    The Team Konnect Dispatch Management Module optimises an organisations dispatch schedule during the day with real-time information both from the field and from customers. The module is designed so that dispatch managers can respond immediately to changes in orders to reduce delays and improve customer service levels. The system also provides access to historic data, in the form of historical job duration data allowing for more accurate schedules to be planned and optimised moving forward.

    The Dispatch Management Module also integrates with our Mobile Delivery Module so that jobs can be dispatched to mobile devices allowing for progress reports to be received in real-time. Instant messaging is also available allowing for direct communication between HQ & dispatcher where feedback and corrections may be required.

  • Mobile Delivery

    Mobile Delivery Management Mobile Delivery Management
    Mobile Delivery Management


    The Team Konnect Mobile Delivery Management module is a simple and easy to use solution that will help manage exceptions in real-time, improve efficiency and enhance the service experience for your customers. The module is designed to manage the complete lifecycle of your orders from picking, packing, and dispatch right through to delivery, where the customers signature can be captured and a (Proof of Delivery) POD dispatched automatically by email to both HQ and the customer confirming execution.

    Integration with Barcode Scanners is also available where orders can be scanned onto the vehicles at dispatch and also during sign-off at the customers door. Returns or managed goods can also be managed and scanned back into stock when returned to HQ.

  • Barcode Scan

    Barcode Scan Management Barcode Scan Management
    Barcode Scan Management


    The Team Konnect Platform incorporates Barcode Scanning which can be enabled across a wide variety of modules for different purposes. The technology employed is an invaluable tool – allowing materials and processes to flow smoothly, efficiently and in a most cost effective manner. Organisations can also select to produce their own barcodes which can be applied to all products or to any locations within their warehouses. With Warehouse Management integration, product types and quantities can be verified per location which provides real-time information to other departments improving the decision making processes.

    Our Barcode Scanning technology can be integrated into a wide variety of modules including Goods Inwards scanning, Pick & Pack scanning, Dispatch Management, Stock Control and Deliveries all designed to improve efficiencies and processes.

  • Single-Sign On

    Single-Sign On Management Single-Sign On Management
    Single-Sign On Management

    Single-Sign On

    Integrate with your organisational Active Directory or Office365 Tenant for secure single sign on functionality.

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